Welcome to the online CHAT section of NA Chat. The chat room is open 24 hours 7 days a week. We also started running meetings. The meetings are hold every night at 9pm Est. Monday thru Sunday..As the group grows we will add more meeting times and days.

Please remember what you hear, see, or do here must remain in the rooms. We are all addicts here with one purpose. We fight for the freedom of active addiction. We need the trust of the group and the rooms of NA for this to work. Conduct yourself online as you would in a real NA meeting (face to face).

If you have a burning desire to use, hurt yourself, or someone else and there is no one in the channel to speak with. Please pick up the phone before acting.

Call the Narcotics Hotline at:


Chat Guidelines:

As a group we have set up a few guidelines to follow so we can try and make this site as safe for everyone as we can. Please try and follow them.


  • Try Not to swear in the channel. That is a character defect we all need to work on.
  • No Bad Nicks (Pick one that is positive for your recovery)
  • No harassing of others.
  • No sexual overtones.
  • Do not use Drug names refer as (Drug of Choice or DOC for short). 
  • Don’t post private info about yourself or others. Such as Phone Numbers, Addresses, Emails.
  • Posting links to other recovery sites is ok within limits. Please ask a Trusted Servant before posting links.

During A Meeting:

  • No Cross talk.
  • Be Respectful
  • Listen to the person sharing and comment about it after the meeting ends.
  • Do not disrupt the meeting (We all know what this means). Use your head.
  • No revolving door. Meaning please don’t keep coming in and out of the room.

Disrupting the room during open chat or meetings will result in:

  1. A warning
  2. A warning then a Shun (Being Muted) or Kick.
  3. Shun or Kick/Temp. Ban.
  4. Temp. Ban up to 30days (This would be voted on by the group).
  5. Perm. Ban (Also voted on by the group).