Hello and Welcome to The NA Chat Network. We are a group of addicts who attend regular NA meetings and have sponsors and have worked the 12 Steps of NA and Practice the 12 Traditions of NA the best we can. As we all know technology is growing and advancing in a very rapid rate. To keep up with technology we offer one more tool to help the still sick and suffering addict find serenity and freedom from active addiction. 
Even though we offer this online tool we do have to stress that you attend Face to Face meetings and find a sponsor to help you work the 12 steps. True recovery comes out of the rooms. Most of us got here with a lot of work hunting down our Drug Of Choice. If we apply that same work into our recovery we can find the freedom we are looking for.
As we all know or will find out most areas only have a limited resource of meetings. Maybe only 1 or 2 in the area and most only last for 1 hour. What do we do when there are no meetings to attend? This is a struggle that a lot of addicts deal with. As a group here we feel very strongly about this site and think it offers more to our recovery. As long as we are here chatting we are not out using. It also opens the door for the newcomer that is confused and scared and feel that no one understands the pain they are feeling.
This is far from the truth there are groups of people out there that have been where you are and you are not ALONE. 
NA CHAT would love to wish everyone the best of luck in your recovery. NA and this group will make only one promise. If you work the program you will find freedom from active addiction. The doors here will always be open and please keep coming back.